Course “Spoken English – Elementary Level A2”

Course duration 144 academic hours.

Designed for adults and students who continue to learn English after the “zero” level (Beginner) or who have the most superficial knowledge of English and, accordingly, are aimed at mastering the elementary level (Elementary) in accordance with the European level system.

  1. The purpose of training

The purpose of learning English is to prepare for communication in this language in written and oral forms. Upon completion of the elementary course, students confidently at the elementary level of learning English will be able to maintain a conversation with English speakers, understand simple and adapted written texts, and listen and perceive an unhurried, simplified English speaking speech on the following topics: sports, meals and food, housing and places of residence, leisure and daily activities, favorite things in everyday life and preferences, countries of the world and features of nationalities, personal information and data of other people.

  1. Course objectives

This course allows you to form the following skills:

·        Use of the most simple expressions in relation to the most common topics
·        The use of English grammar and, as a result, the skill of constructing relatively simple sentences, but not so simple syllables in comparison with Beginner level
·        Use of conversational speech in relation to a small amount of topics
·         The perception of relatively simple English speaking by ear in slow and medium tempo
·        Reading and understanding of simple and adapted literature mainly in the form of articles or stories;

·        Ability to work with a dictionary

·        Possession of simple, but competent written speech in relation to everyday situations
·        Thinking with easy to understand stereotypes of English culture
·        More rapid and motivated learning using modern technology, such as an electronic board