Course «Digital Start»

Total amount: 72 hours

Documents after the course: Certificate


The course is designed for both beginners and those who have not worked on a personal computer, or for those who would like to streamline and complement their skills with information and communication technologies.

Course goals and objectives

The main objectives of the course – to teach students to use information and communication technologies in work and life. As a result of studying the subject the student will be able to:

  • formation of skills of work with the personal computer;
  • getting an idea of the structure of information resources of the Internet, wireless network settings, methods of using Internet technologies in professional activities and in life;
  • formation of skills of safe work in cyberspace;
  • formation of skills of work with cloud technologies, use of payment systems, protection of personal data;
  • formation of skills of work with MS Office package.

Main sections:

  • personal computer (PC) Device. Types PC. Work with files and folders. Convert various file formats. Work with peripherals;
  • on the Internet. Network equipment. Network operating system. Network equipment. Computer networks;

  • Safe use of Internet space. Social networks, messengers, e-mail;
  • Use of digital payment systems. Internet-banking. E-wallets;
  • Cloud technologies. Using Google Drive, iCloud, Drop Box;
  • Media skills (sound, video);
  • Introduction to MS Office. Features MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Publisher, MS Visio, MS Power Point, MS Project.